What is the Urdu Geo Version?

UGV is a modern Urdu translation of Kitab-i Muqaddas, also called the Holy Bible. In it we read of Allah's love for man and his will for our lives.

What is the aim of the UGV?

The aim of the Geo Version is to provide a translation close to the original text that modern Urdu readers can easily understand. This translation can be freely downloaded and distributed − no strings attached. This applies to pdf files, mobile versions, apps and Bible programs.

What is Kitab-i Muqaddas?

Kitab-i Muqaddas is actually a library of books spanning many centuries. These can be divided into:

  1. Tauret
  2. Tareekhi Sahaif
  3. Sahaif-i Hikmat & Zaboor
  4. Sahaif-i Anbia
  5. Injeel

Christians call the first four the Old Testament, whereas the Injeel is also called the New Testament. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic, the Holy Injeel in Greek. This translation is a direct translation from the original languages, and maximum effort has been made to convey the original meaning in the Urdu language.

How was the UGV translated?

Those who translate the Holy Word of Allah are faced with two challenges. The first challenge is to translate the original text as accurately as possible. The second is to at the same time convey the beauty and depth of the original language in such a way that the reader has easy access to its meaning. For this reason every translator has to find a balance between a literal and a free translation. As a result the reader will note that the different Urdu translations have somewhat differing texts. The differences arise from different attempts to convey the depth and richness of the original text.

When possible the attempt has been made to translate literally. Titles and subtitles have been added to aid the reader and are not part of the original text. May Allah grant that this translation will prove to be of help in conveying the depth and richness of the original text.

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